InterWave Studios has just released Nuclear Dawn on Steam and people are loving it already! Make sure to grab a copy, it’s just under $20.

I was part of the original development team that started developing Nuclear Dawn as a mod for Half-Life 2 back in 2004. I was the lead programmer and eventually ended up taking the direction of the project after the original project lead left the team due to personal reasons. I was very proud of being part of this talented team, whose members are now working in top game studios around the world, for the most part.

However, this was also a contributing factor to our downfall. As development progressed and the mod was gaining in popularity, we ended up losing more and more team members to the professional game industry. Eventually, most of us no longer had the spare time to commit to the project and we decided to transfer the rights of the mod over to InterWave Studios, a team that seemed to have the talent and drive to finish what we could no longer accomplish. I am delighted to see they have brilliantly made it to the finishing line; all the hard work we put into the mod back in the days was not in vain!

So big congrats to InterWave Studios, and a mental high-five to all my fellow ND team mates for all the good times!


A new FingerGestures update is now available on the Unity Asset Store. This version fixes a bug in the dragging and finger movement events code when the user performs very small input motions.  It also adds a bunch of new toolbox scripts  to implement pinch-based camera zoom and drag-based orbit.

For the complete changelogs, click here.


A new update of FingerGestures is now available on the Unity Asset Store. This version is mostly a big update to the Toolbox, which should make the package that much easier to use without any extra coding required. Here are the main changes:

  • Added TBFingerDown script
  • Added TBFingerUp script
  • Added TBTap script
  • Added TBLongPress script
  • Added TBSwipe script
  • All toolbox gesture scripts now inherit from TBComponent base class
  • TBInputManager: added flags to turn on & off tracking of specific gestures
  • TBDrag: updated exposed message properties
  • Added two sample scenes to demonstrate the new toolbox scripts

For the complete changelogs, click here.


Toolbox's Drag & Drop sample

I’ve submitted a new version of FingerGestures to the Unity Asset Store. Here are some of the big highlights of this release:

  • Added Rotate gesture (two fingers moving in a circular motion – also know as Twist gesture)
  • Added Long-Press gesture  (hold finger down without moving for at least a specified duration)
  • Added more events for existing gestures (finger move, stationary begin & end…)
  • A set of brand new visual samples that will introduce you to the library in a quick, painless and progressive manner

For the complete changelogs, click here. You can also try the webplayer demo here.


FingerGestures has just been released on the Unity Asset Store!  This is the first scripting package I have submitted to the Asset Store, and after all the waiting, it’s great to finally see it there.

Get FingerGestures on the Unity Asset Store now!


Calle, our local concept artist extraordinaire, has sent me a draft version of the shaman character we’re going to use as the player avatar for Island Defense. I couldn’t wait to show it, so here it is :)

Island Defense's shaman character concept (WIP) by Calle


I couldn’t resist playing around with some of the Unity Pro features on the night scene of our latest Island Defense build, and it turned out so good that I’m seriously considering doing a desktop port of the game once we’re done with the mobile version.

Deferred lighting, realtime water reflections and refraction, shadow mapping, soft particles... YUMMY!

I set the render path to Deffered Lighting so we can have lots of dynamic lights popping around the screen without much performance overhead. The dynamic shadows and dual lightmaps really add a lot to the depth of the scene, especially around the buildings. However,  the biggest visual impact comes from the realtime water: you can see the islands, buildings, projectiles and enemies reflected on the water.

Since the water effect was so cool, I separated some of the island pieces so more water is visible inbetween. It also makes better use of the bigger screen estate of the desktop platform. Overall, I’m quite impressed by the visuals achieved in so little time and the smooth runtime performances. Unity kicks ass. But we already knew that! ;)

Play Island Defense v0.1 in your browser now!

Play Island Defense v0.1 in your browser now!

After over a month of hard work, I’m excited to introduce you to my new project: Island Defense, an arcade game for iPhone & iPad developed with Unity. For a more detailed description of the game, please check our official page on IndieDB.

I’m teaming up with my friend Greg Wolfe (xenoargh) who’s in charge of of the art while I take care of the programming.

Today, we are reaching our first milestone by releasing a first alpha build to the public in order to gather early feedback, comments and bug reports. This is of course a work in progress, and there are a lot of elements and features missing, and possibly a few bugs too!

At this stage, we’re mostly interested in getting your feedback on the overall feel of the game and its core mechanics. Please try to take note of what felt awkward or confusing to you, especially on your first play. Keep in mind this is a game designed to be played on mobile device with multiple fingers touching the screen at the same time. And of course, we would be delighted to hear your ideas and suggestions on how to improve the current game.

If you want to leave us some comments, you can use the following methods:


Another project that I worked on at Fabrication Games was released on the App Store recently. Our House is a 3D doll house for iPad developed with Unity, targeted at young/family audience. But hey, if you’re a grown up and into doll houses, that’s fine too, I’m not judging! :P

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During my stay at Fabrication Games, I also worked on Ionocraft, a steampunk racing game for iOS developed with Unity. The game just got released and is getting great feedbacks already! Check it out on the official website at

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