FingerGestures Changelogs


v2.2 (15th november 2011)

  • TapGestureRecognizer:
    • Added MaxDelayBetweenTaps property
    • Added RaiseEventOnEachTap property
  • TBDrag:
    • Dragging an object no longer recenters it on the finger
    • Added DragPlaneType.Camera to drag parallel to the camera plane
  • TBDragOrbit: added support for two-finger panning
  • Fixed runtime compilation
  • Fixed line break format issue causing compilation warnings on MAC
  • Added component menu entries for the various gesture recognizers
  • Moved the MoveToFinger.cs script out of the javascript samples folder

v2.1.2 (27th october 2011)

  • Fixed bug that would prevent DragGestureRecognizer from detecting very small finger motions
  • Tweaked some of the toolbox orbit camera settings to make it more user-friendly

v2.1 (18th october 2011)

  • Improved TBDragOrbit script to support pinch-zoom and motion smoothing
  • Added a MousePinchGestureRecognizer for pinch gesture emultation on desktop/mouse-device platforms (this restores original 1.4 functionality)

v2.0 (1st october 2011)

  • Support for multi-finger gestures, such as two-fingers tap, triple-finger swipe, etc…
  • Major engine rewrite: each gesture now has a dedicated GestureRecognizer-derived script in charge of handling it
  • Added “Advanced PinchRotation” sample demonstrating advanced use of the PinchGestureRecognizer and RotationGestureRecognizer classes
  • Added “Multi-Finger Swipe” sample demonstrating the use of the SwipeGestureRecognizer to detect a two-finger swipe gesture
  • Upgraded old samples to 2.0

If you are upgrading your project, please read the v1.X to v2.0 upgrade guide.

  • Added FingerGestures.GetFinger() to access the internal Finger touch data structure
  • Added FingerGestures.Touches to access the list of active touches
  • Added a GestureRecognizer base class
  • Added a DragGestureRecognizer class responsible for detecting drag gestures performed with an arbitrary number of simultaneous fingers
  • Added a LongPressGestureRecognizer class responsible for detecting long-press gestures performed with an arbitrary number of simultaneous fingers
  • Added a SwipeGestureRecognizer class responsible for detecting swipe gestures performed with an arbitrary number of simultaneous fingers
  • Added a TapGestureRecognizer class responsible for of detecting tap gestures performed with an arbitrary number of simultaneous fingers
  • Added a PinchGestureRecognizer class responsible for of detecting pinch gestures performed with 2 fingers
  • Added a RotationGestureRecognizer class responsible for of detecting rotation gestures performed with 2 fingers
  • Added a FingerMotionDetector class responsible for tracking the motion state of a given finger
  • Added FingerGestures.OnTwoFingerDrag/Move/Begin event for the default two-finger drag gesture recognizer
  • Added FingerGestures.OnTwoFingerTap event for the default two-finger tap gesture recognizer
  • Added FingerGestures.OnTwoFingerSwipe event for the default two-finger swipe gesture recognizer
  • Added FingerGestures.OnTwoFingerLongPress event for the default two-finger long-press gesture recognizer
  • Added FingerGestures.Defaults to access the default per-finger and global gesture recognizers
  • Added FingerGestures.defaultPrefabs to reference the gesture recognizer prefabs to use to instantiate the default gesture recognizers
  • Added FingerGestures.defaultCompFlags to select which default gesture recognizers to create at start
  • Renamed FingerGestures.OnDragBegin/Move/End to FingerGestures.OnFingerDragBegin/Move/End
  • Renamed FingerGestures.OnTap to FingerGestures.OnFingerTap
  • Renamed FingerGestures.OnSwipe to FingerGestures.OnFingerSwipe
  • Renamed FingerGestures.OnLongPress to FingerGestures.OnFingerLongPress
  • Added FingerGestures.OnDragBegin/Move/End events for the default global drag gesture
  • Added FingerGestures.OnTap event for the default global tap gesture
  • Added FingerGestures.OnSwipe event for the default global tap gesture
  • Added FingerGestures.OnLongPress event for the default global tap gesture
  • Many other minor changes…

v1.4 (26th august 2011)

  • Added TBPinchZoom script for camera zoom in & out using the pinch gesture
  • Added TBDragOrbit script for orbiting an object around another using the drag gesture (adaptation of the standard MouseOrbit script)
  • Added Toolbox-PinchZoomCamera and Toolbox-DragOrbitCamera sample scenes to demonstrate the new toolbox scripts above
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing the drag and finger move events to not fire properly when the user performs very small motions

v1.3 (31st july 2011)

  • Added TBFingerDown script
  • Added TBFingerUp script
  • Added TBTap script
  • Added TBLongPress script
  • Added TBSwipe script
  • All toolbox gesture scripts now inherit from TBComponent base class
  • TBInputManager: added flags to turn on & off tracking of specific gestures
  • TBDrag: updated exposed message properties
  • Added two sample scenes to demonstrate the new toolbox scripts

v1.2 (22th july 2011)

  • Added two-fingers rotation gesture
  • Added long-press gesture
  • Reworked the samples from scratch:
    • The original monolithic sample has been split up in smaller ones that are easier to follow and more focused
    • Added a selection menu listing samples in a progressive order
    • Each sample now uses a common UI framework to display help and get back to selection menu
    • Added samples demonstrating the new input gestures and events in a progressive way
  • Added a Toolbox folder with ready-to-use scripts to quickly add Drag & Drop support to your application
  • Pinch gesture now requires that the fingers move in opposite directions (tolerance threshold adjustable via TouchScreenGestures.pinchDOT)
  • Added skeleton C# code in Assets/FingerGestures/Skeleton Code/CSharpSkeleton.cs
  • Renamed JavascriptSkeletonCode.js to JavascriptSkeleton.cs and moved it to the Assets/FingerGestures/Skeleton Code/ folder
  • Updated JavascriptSkeleton.js to reflect latest API changes
  • Added OnFingerStationaryBegin and OnFingerStationaryEnd events
  • Added OnFingerMoveBegin, OnFingerMove, OnFingerMoveEnd events
  • Added OnLongPress event
  • Added OnRotateBegin, OnRotateMove, OnRotateEnd events
  • Renamed dragThreshold to moveThreshold
  • Added longPressDuration, pinchDOT, minPinchDistance, rotationDOT and minRotationAmount thresholds to TouchScreenGestures public properties
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed moveThreshold not being taken into account properly by some gestures
  • Fixed finger mapping bug when releasing multiple fingers at different times

v1.1 (8th july 2011)

  • Reworked internal structure so only one main code path is maintained for either mouse or touchscreen gestures
  • Renamed the most of the events to more meaningful and accurate identifiers
  • Introduced proper Tap and Swipe gesture detection
  • Improved documentation

v1.0 (1st july 2011)

  • Initial version

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