Another project that I worked on at Fabrication Games was released on the App Store recently. Our House is a 3D doll house for iPad developed with Unity, targeted at young/family audience. But hey, if you’re a grown up and into doll houses, that’s fine too, I’m not judging! :P

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During my stay at Fabrication Games, I also worked on Ionocraft, a steampunk racing game for iOS developed with Unity. The game just got released and is getting great feedbacks already! Check it out on the official website at


I finally did it. I spent my last day at Fabrication Games two weeks ago, and have been my own boss ever since. The feeling of freedom is amazing and gives a bit of a vertigo at first. My goal is to develop medium-sized games for the PC/MAC platform with Unity and distribute them digitally via Steam.

I have started exploring and prototyping various game ideas I’ve had for a while. One of them is a 4 players cooperative Tower Defense + Top-down shooter hybrid where you fight off waves of enemies by building static defenses and using your own powerful character to fend off the toughest ones. I’m also toying with the idea of making a simultaneous turn-based strategy game.

I plan on updating this blog more regularly with code snippets and development journal entries so stay tuned!

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