I did some update to the website today: switched to a new wordpress theme and added a forums section! The FingerGestures support thread on the Unity Forums has become rather impractical (20+ pages long) so I decided to create my own forum here to support my products. This should also make searching for existing topics much easier. So from now on, if you need support with FingerGestures, please post a new thread in the forum.

FingerGestures v2.2 is now available on the Unity Asset Store. Release highlights include:
  • Panning support for the TBDragOrbit camera script
  • Improvements to TBDrag
  • Improvements to TapGestureRecognizer
  • Various bug fixes

I’ve just submitted FingerGestures v2.1.2 to the Unity Asset Store:
  • Fixed bug that would prevent DragGestureRecognizer from detecting very small finger motions
  • Tweaked some of the toolbox orbit camera settings to make it more user-friendly
  • Improved TBDragOrbit script to support pinch-zoom and motion smoothing
  • Added a MousePinchGestureRecognizer for pinch gesture emultation on desktop/mouse-device platforms (this restores original 1.4 functionality)


Oh boy, did I put a lot of effort into this one! Version 2.0 of FingerGestures is now live on the Unity Asset Store, so grab it while it’s hot! Some of the main changes:

  • Multi-finger support: two-fingers swipe, three-fingers tap, four-fingers drag… you name it!
  • Brand new object-oriented framework composed of a set of fully customizable gesture recognizer components
  • A lot more data exposed for advanced users to extend the features provided by the library
  • New samples
  • And even a tutorial video!


For the full changelogs, click here.


A new FingerGestures update is now available on the Unity Asset Store. This version fixes a bug in the dragging and finger movement events code when the user performs very small input motions.  It also adds a bunch of new toolbox scripts  to implement pinch-based camera zoom and drag-based orbit.

For the complete changelogs, click here.


A new update of FingerGestures is now available on the Unity Asset Store. This version is mostly a big update to the Toolbox, which should make the package that much easier to use without any extra coding required. Here are the main changes:

  • Added TBFingerDown script
  • Added TBFingerUp script
  • Added TBTap script
  • Added TBLongPress script
  • Added TBSwipe script
  • All toolbox gesture scripts now inherit from TBComponent base class
  • TBInputManager: added flags to turn on & off tracking of specific gestures
  • TBDrag: updated exposed message properties
  • Added two sample scenes to demonstrate the new toolbox scripts

For the complete changelogs, click here.


Toolbox's Drag & Drop sample

I’ve submitted a new version of FingerGestures to the Unity Asset Store. Here are some of the big highlights of this release:

  • Added Rotate gesture (two fingers moving in a circular motion – also know as Twist gesture)
  • Added Long-Press gesture  (hold finger down without moving for at least a specified duration)
  • Added more events for existing gestures (finger move, stationary begin & end…)
  • A set of brand new visual samples that will introduce you to the library in a quick, painless and progressive manner

For the complete changelogs, click here. You can also try the webplayer demo here.


FingerGestures has just been released on the Unity Asset Store!  This is the first scripting package I have submitted to the Asset Store, and after all the waiting, it’s great to finally see it there.

Get FingerGestures on the Unity Asset Store now!

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