InterWave Studios has just released Nuclear Dawn on Steam and people are loving it already! Make sure to grab a copy, it’s just under $20.

I was part of the original development team that started developing Nuclear Dawn as a mod for Half-Life 2 back in 2004. I was the lead programmer and eventually ended up taking the direction of the project after the original project lead left the team due to personal reasons. I was very proud of being part of this talented team, whose members are now working in top game studios around the world, for the most part.

However, this was also a contributing factor to our downfall. As development progressed and the mod was gaining in popularity, we ended up losing more and more team members to the professional game industry. Eventually, most of us no longer had the spare time to commit to the project and we decided to transfer the rights of the mod over to InterWave Studios, a team that seemed to have the talent and drive to finish what we could no longer accomplish. I am delighted to see they have brilliantly made it to the finishing line; all the hard work we put into the mod back in the days was not in vain!

So big congrats to InterWave Studios, and a mental high-five to all my fellow ND team mates for all the good times!

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