FingerGestures has outgrown its small single page on this site, and has thus moved to its own dedicated website! You can access it at Don’t forget to update your bookmarks ;)


Well it turns out my my ex-new web-host was worst than the previous one… So after researching this further and asking around, I’m moving the site to StableHost, which seems to have a good track record of stability and performances. Time will tell :) In the meanwhile, I’m still reconfiguring things up so expect some links to be broken while I’m fixing this up.


The new forums are up and running!

I made a bad pick with my the previous forum and it turned out to be very limited and lacking in scalability. I have therefore decided to switch to the Simple Machines forum software, which is very popular and well supported.

The catch is that I was unable to export the content from the old forum to the new one, including the member list and post contents. This means that if you were already registered to the old forum, your posts will be gone and you will have to register again on the new one. It should be fairly quick and painless though, and the login process also supports OpenID if you are using it.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and hope you will enjoy the faster and more functional site and forums.


The transfer of the site to my new host is now complete! I hope you’ll enjoy the increased speed and reliability.

In other news, I will be submitting a new FingerGestures update to the asset store today which includes a lot of bug fixes and a global touch filter. I’m also going to be changing the forums to a Simple Machines one as that will offer better functionality and scalability. So stay tuned!


I’m going to move this site to a new web-host (InMotion) as my current one, JustHost, is not reliable and responsive enough for the quality of service I want to provide here. I have monitored my site via pingdom since February 15, and there has been 125 outrages (2:30 minutes average) during that period , with an average response speed of 1400 msec. Hopefully this InMotion hosting will prove more robust and performant.

You should therefore expect some downtime over the next day or two, as I will be transferring the site over to my new host. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience you may experience during that time.


I did some update to the website today: switched to a new wordpress theme and added a forums section! The FingerGestures support thread on the Unity Forums has become rather impractical (20+ pages long) so I decided to create my own forum here to support my products. This should also make searching for existing topics much easier. So from now on, if you need support with FingerGestures, please post a new thread in the forum.


By now, you have probably heard of the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) that a bunch of bureaucrats in the US congress and senate are trying to pass on behalf of their corporate masters.  If you haven’t, you can learn more about it here. This isn’t simply a US issue: the web just doesn’t stop at a country’s borders. If these two bills were to pass on the 24th of January, their effect would have far reaching consequences all around the world.

So if you care about keeping the web a place where true freedom of expression is still possible, please take action by either writing your congressmen if you are a US citizen, or raising awareness about it if you are not.


I finally did it. I spent my last day at Fabrication Games two weeks ago, and have been my own boss ever since. The feeling of freedom is amazing and gives a bit of a vertigo at first. My goal is to develop medium-sized games for the PC/MAC platform with Unity and distribute them digitally via Steam.

I have started exploring and prototyping various game ideas I’ve had for a while. One of them is a 4 players cooperative Tower Defense + Top-down shooter hybrid where you fight off waves of enemies by building static defenses and using your own powerful character to fend off the toughest ones. I’m also toying with the idea of making a simultaneous turn-based strategy game.

I plan on updating this blog more regularly with code snippets and development journal entries so stay tuned!


I’m in the process of setting up a new homepage to host  my various personal projects. Come back later!

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